BoomerTechRadio March 24, 2017 Episode 1711

We review the iClever folding bluetooth keyboard/touchpad combo and a first look at their bluetooth speaker.  Another look at the IK Multimedia iKlip smartphone camera grip/microphone converter.  Using smartphones and action cameras in professional videography.  Videomaker Magazine. The Logitech K480 multi function keyboard. Brenda has her head in the clouds.  Is the threatened erasure of millions of iPhones a huge bluff?  Using your phone as an ATM card. Video Violence on Facebook. ABC News Twitter account hijacked.  Why that should be a much bigger concern than Russians.  Pokemon Go Lives, body scans for clothing that actually fits those of us who don’t happen to be shaped like a supermodel, using a smartphone as a deadly weapon in seizure attack, back up your stuff.


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Review:  iClever folding bluetooth keyboard with touchpad IC-BK08


Last week I got a email from a representative for iClever, wanting to send a few samples for evaluation and review.  Yesterday I got a box with a folding keyboard, a  bluetooth speaker and a bluetooth audio transmitter-receiver.  

First out of the box for review is the keyboard, available on Amazon for $59.95 as of this writing.

The board has full size keys but is a bit cramped for adult hands, however it is much better than an onscreen keyboard.  The overall size of the device is 11 in x 3.5 in, but the right quarter of the width is occupied by the touch pad, making it easy to accidently send the cursor off to a corner of your document while you type.  It’s also very easy to tap the Bluetooth1/Function Key Lock Key just above the touchpad.  Several frequently used punctuation marks are accessed by the FN key at the lower left.  

The keyboard can pair with three different devices and is powered on as soon as you unfold it.  Two small plastic kickstands rotate out from the ends to give you a stable surface to type on.  Once you train your fingers to avoid tapping the touchpad and the Function Lock key you can type at a fairly good clip. Bluetooth connection to my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ table was fast and easy.  I found the resolution of the touchpad to be good enough to get the cursor near where I wanted it, but a bit fussy when I was attempting to edit a document in OfficePro on the Kindle.  I am doing this review using the keyboard and can see how it would expand the utility of a phablet or phone.  

The iClever is compatible with Android, including Kindle, iOS and Windows, so it would be handy for one of those computer in a stick devices since the touch pad is integrated. One caveat is that the touch pad has no functionality in iOS.

Overall for the price, I consider the BK08 to be a good pick to add functionality to your mobile device.  They keyboard and the Kindle can easily fit into a coat pocket or purse and keep you in touch when you are traveling light.  

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We’re up on iTunes!

As promised for several weeks, we are now publishing the weekly BoomerTechRadio program on iTunes.  With that in mind, this episode from March 11 is being reposted as we (hopefully) welcome new listeners with our expanded reach.  BoomertechRadio first aired in January 0f 2010.  Since then we’ve done nearly 300 weekly episodes and look forward to many more.  Please comment with suggestions and ideas for topics as we continue to stand out from the crowd with Tech News You Can REALLY Use!


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March 18, 2017 BoomerTechRadio

Show notes:  Internet access for non-urban dwellers.  Bob says something nice about AT&T for once.  Internet Of Things security concerns.  Review:  Nexia ip wireless cameras.  McDonalds App, iPad Mini Pro? Samsung Galaxy S8 latest rumors, Samsung folding phone ala “Westworld”, Just because we CAN connect our appliances…SHOULD WE?  How Susan Wojcicki pronounces her name.  Sex Discrimination among the elite in Silicon Valley.  Tech News you can REALLY use!

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BoomerTechRadio: In Like A Lion, March 4, 2017

New skimmers that fit right on credit card machines…why we’re using cash more. Virginia legalizes delivery robots.  SURPRISE!  The Hype of Virtual Reality is going the way of 3DTV.  Art recognition app makes you appear to be more cultured.  National Day of Unplugging.  Alexia Phone Calls; Hydroponic Farms of the future.  3D Printed Pizza. Free Nasa goodies.  Chevrolet LTE Unlimited data.  Apple is starting to fail in the classroom.  3D Printed Housing!


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BoomerTechRadio 25 February 2017

Posting this one a week late, because I flat out forgot to do it, no excuse.  I also don’t have my show notes on this one.  It’s a good episode, of course, they ALL are.  *grins*  Enjoy!

The date on the file and in the metadata is one day off, this was recorded on the 24th and broadcast on the 25th.


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February 18, 2017 Broadcast Episode 1707

Where’s Brenda explained.  Virtual Reality Lost Worlds; Virtually Reality making medical less scary;  Moto-Z Walkie Talkie; Amazon Echo sets your Outlook Calendar; E-Harmony goes after the Millenials; YouTube 30 Ads say bye bye; Exploding Teslas; Doom and Gloom from Bill Gates; Supercomputer powered by graphics accelerator chips.

Hour Two:  New liquid screen protector; San Fransisco Robotic Baristas, What to do when Windows Updates….don’t; Stupid Echo Tricks; The iPad really isn’t a computer (gasp);  Goodies, Gadgets, Gizmos!


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Old School

Someone was chiding me because the BoomerTech site looks so 90’s.  “You really need to update your look so more people will find it interesting.”   Well, there’s a simple reason for the simple look.  I hate sites that won’t load up on mobile devices and take forever to load up on anything at all because of all the CRAP that you have to download.  The site is a place to get episodes and a simple WordPress blog template works just fine, thank you very much.  Besides, I don’t have a staff, I maintain this thing all by myself.  Yes there are prettier places, but I honestly believe that our little show stands up well against the competition out there.  Let me know what you think.


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BoomerTech Radio, February 11, 2017

Robotic Reflector lights up your home;  E-Commerce trends to watch;  Don’t feel like you have to give up Windows 7 just yet; Get the CrapWare off your new PC; Virtual TV Viewing with friends;  VR/AR Upgrades the thrill ride experience; VR Dating; Samsung Battery Factory explodes; Facebook wants to be your fake weather source, too; Cutting edge televisions cut deep into your wallet; Man sues Uber for ending his marriage.  More Tech News You Can Use, Every Weekend!


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February 4, 2017

Topics: Hour One: Record 16 Million Americans Hit by ID Theft, how to protect yourself.  Warning signs that your account with the IRS is being scammed.  What to do when you discover a fraud crime against you. College Student Employment Scam.  New GOES Satellite improves our weather forecasting ability.  Connections to get video from HDMI or DisplayPort to an old VGA projector/monitor.

Hour Two:  Augmented and Virtual Reality.  Snapchat Glasses overlaying advertisements on your world as you walk around.  Facebook slapped with $500M Judgment.  GoPro Karma Crunch.  An orangutan looks for a potential mate…using Tinder.   A device that reads brain activity allows totally paralyzed persons communicate.   Brain-Hacking to steal your innermost thoughts.  Thoughts on MacbookPro  Vs Surface.  Facing Facebook’s Future.


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