Updates to the show:

If you don’t already have it, put Flipboard on your mobile device, arguably one of the best news aggregators out there.  We use it for researching story ideas from a number of resources, along with Apple’s iOS News App, which is more usable under iOS 10 than previous offerings.

Speaking of the latest iOS, I personally held off updating the iPad Pro until just last night, as is my habit of letting the dust settle at least the first bug fix update being issued.  So far two good.

Brenda and I have registered for the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, so we’re looking forward to a few days in Sin City, running from place to place to try to get just a glance at what’s in our future of goodies, gadgets and Gizmos.

This weekend (10/8) We plan to have Rachael Hatch, from The Institute For The Future, back as a guest to talk about the upcoming Maker Faire in Redding and some ideas on the connected technologies that are constantly evolving.

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Are we having fun yet?

I admit freely that I’ve been less than diligent keeping this site updated, and I hope that now that I am the proud owner of a iPad Pro 12″ I’ll be motivated to keep posting time to time.

It’s hard to believe that Brenda and I have been doing the show for more than six years, more than 260 Episodes at last count.  We intend to keep at it long as we can.

You can see a lot of the stories that we are covering by checking out the BoomerTech Radio Magazine on Flipboard!

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And the point is?

We’ve all seen them.  Clickbaits.  Sexy, alluring, tempting “stories” that appear at the end of an article you are reading pretty much anywhere:

“15 Hot Celebs who turned into sweathogs, you won’t believe #10”

“Ugly kids who turned into supermodels, #6 is HAWT!”

Yeah, I generally ignore such, but once in a while, out of pure curiosity, and making sure that my malware is up to day, I peek.  Without fail, I get a web page so bloated and flooded with popups, motion graphics, banners, autostart videos and CRAP, that nearly every time my browser freezes or crashes.  Psssssst!  Guess what…all that does is piss me off and any advertiser who shows up on those pages gets a large negative impression when I do happen to be looking for something!  The “One Weird Trick” ad approach died about 10 seconds after being released.

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Flipboard Followers:

Flipboard has to be one of my most-used applications on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  It’s a simple to use news aggregator that lets you create your own magazine of topics that interest you and share with like minded people.  It’s a handy tool for the show to come up with ideas and topic trails to follow.

Up until recently, the BoomertechRadio Magazine on Flipboard was a holding place so I could find stories to talk about quickly when producing the weekly show.  We had followers, a grand total of 17 or so for a very long time.  Soooooo what happened in the last week or so?  A check of Flipboard showed in excess of 250,000 people following the BTR Magazine.  Now I suspect something on the order a bot…or several that has inflated the numbers artificially, much as I love the idea of a quarter of a million folks wanting to know what I find interesting.  Stay Tuned.


**UPDATE**  As of today, I am back down to just 20 “followers”  so curiously my fame of a quarter million fans was a very temporary warm fuzzy.

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