BoomerTechRadio October 14, 2017

This week: An unsent text message is ruled a legal will in Australia; Netflix is feeling competition; Google’s Home Mini unintentional (?) eavesdropping fixed; How soon self-aware machines?  How soon humanoid robots?; The Giant Mecha Battle is coming soon!; Why would you make a speaker out of concrete?; Apple donates to CA wildfire relief; Facebook owes you an apology; Driverless Car Update:  Bitcoin bubble; Robot bugs!; Robot girlfriends!


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BoomerTechRadio, October 7, 2017

This week, Google Assistant grows a pair; Google Assistant is the Smartest…but only as smart as a six year old;  Echo or Home?  Depends on what phone you own; Android Wear watches are vahishing; Google Assistant can do SoundHound tricks; The new Google Home speakers include a room shaking $400 beast; Best Android Apps; Mattel’s creepy toys; More reasons than ever to ditch your Yahoo Account, or at least change that old outdated password you used on ten different sites; Equifax mishandles your information–wins a big government contract; Social Media and Conspiracy Theories; Netflix wants mo-money, but offering more shows; Self-driving cars and Seniors.  More Tech News You Can Use.

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BoomerTechRadio September 30, 2017

Another week of the Tech News You Can Use with Bob and Brenda Belongie on BoomerTechRadio,  Broadcast Saturday, September 30 on KCNR-1460, Redding, CA.


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BoomerTechRadio September 23, 2017

Brenda and I go all Cutting Edge, first impression of the Note 8.   Cheap tablets, what’s in a name?  Adventures with Personal Assistants.  Bixby is a FAIL.  Lots of the Tech News you can use!

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9-17-2017 podcast

Brenda is back with me in a show recorded on Thursday 9/14.  Enjoy.

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BoomerTechRadio 09/09/17

A couple of days late getting this one posted.  Guest co-host Bob Martin while Brenda is working weekends.  This time: The Equifax Breach;  iPhone Innuendo!; Kaperski booted from Best Buy; antivirus alternativesl; Robot Mania; Deadly Sex Robots; Yes you can express yourself via animated poo; Cellphone Networks during natural disasters; Uber under investigation–again; and: PHONE CALLS!

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September 2, 2017

This week KCNR newsman Bob Martin joins Bob Belongie for a show recorded live on AM-1460.  Topics:  Upcoming Apple product unveiling; Robots go Retail; Robots doing laundry; Google Assistant/Google Home; Lyft runs as Uber stumbles; Legacy Tech Lives; New Nest Products on the way; Yahoo subject to litigation; Windows 10 update. Eclipse Lawsuit; Kickstarter; Facebook creepy feature; Does the USB port in your car seem wimpy? You’re not alone!; Insane Micro SDXC card.  Tech News You Can Use!

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August 26, 2017

Greetings from the Oregon Coast!  This episode was recorded on location in Langolis Oregon, after our amazing trip to witness the Great American Eclipse.  This week:  New iPhone Rumors; Galaxy Note 8 Reality; Samsung TVs hit with firmware FAIL; Amazon Drones; Amazon eats Whole Foods; Android O=Oreo (surprise!); Star Wars Toys using Augmented Reality.

Hour Two:  An interview with none other than Jack Rebney, our gracious host and a media legend whose career spans nearly seven decades from the golden age of radio journalism to viral internet video.  Jack is a Socio-Political commentator and observer who also tells what it was like to work in broadcasting alongside the likes of Edward R. Murrow, Eric Severide, and Walter Cronkite.  It’s a fascinating hour with an amazing man.  Enjoy!


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August 19, 2017 BoomerTechRadio

Hour One:  Solar Eclipse Madness…we’re going by the way…; Just how delicate is our tech infrastructure?; Medical devices and hacking; Modern Luddites; ASU students hear an Echo;  Anti-Virus Options that don’t suck;   Skype redesign does suck;  Poorly thought out commercials;  Evolving Personal/Work computers;   Self-healing phone screens; Livestream your every move with a camera-pendant.   Should DNA be automatically scanned for defects?;  The tech future of medicine;  Training via Virtual Reality.  Robophobia! ; A Brief History Of USB.  Tech News YOU can use!

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August 12, 2017

Back in the KCNR Studio!  This week:  Hour One:  Coding Boot Camps FAIL; Disney cutting ties to Netflix, launching it’s own channel — BAD IDEA!; Disney accused of spying on your kids via apps — BAD IDEA!; Amazon considers mobile launch drone system; GUN WIELDING DRONES;  Better Football helmets.

Hour Two: Microsoft Surface FAIL per Consumer Reports; Robot Workers to be taxed; AMD’s 16 core beast of a processor; Blue Apron FAIL; Blockchain to track food safety in China; Malware embedded in DNA?; The Best Tech of — 1997.


Tech News you can use with Bob, Brenda and Alan!

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