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Someone was chiding me because the BoomerTech site looks so 90’s.  “You really need to update your look so more people will find it interesting.”   Well, there’s a simple reason for the simple look.  I hate sites that won’t load up on mobile devices and take forever to load up on anything at all because of all the CRAP that you have to download.  The site is a place to get episodes and a simple WordPress blog template works just fine, thank you very much.  Besides, I don’t have a staff, I maintain this thing all by myself.  Yes there are prettier places, but I honestly believe that our little show stands up well against the competition out there.  Let me know what you think.  boomertechradio@gmail.com


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BoomerTech Radio, February 11, 2017

Robotic Reflector lights up your home;  E-Commerce trends to watch;  Don’t feel like you have to give up Windows 7 just yet; Get the CrapWare off your new PC; Virtual TV Viewing with friends;  VR/AR Upgrades the thrill ride experience; VR Dating; Samsung Battery Factory explodes; Facebook wants to be your fake weather source, too; Cutting edge televisions cut deep into your wallet; Man sues Uber for ending his marriage.  More Tech News You Can Use, Every Weekend!


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February 4, 2017

Topics: Hour One: Record 16 Million Americans Hit by ID Theft, how to protect yourself.  Warning signs that your account with the IRS is being scammed.  What to do when you discover a fraud crime against you. College Student Employment Scam.  New GOES Satellite improves our weather forecasting ability.  Connections to get video from HDMI or DisplayPort to an old VGA projector/monitor.

Hour Two:  Augmented and Virtual Reality.  Snapchat Glasses overlaying advertisements on your world as you walk around.  Facebook slapped with $500M Judgment.  GoPro Karma Crunch.  An orangutan looks for a potential mate…using Tinder.   A device that reads brain activity allows totally paralyzed persons communicate.   Brain-Hacking to steal your innermost thoughts.  Thoughts on MacbookPro  Vs Surface.  Facing Facebook’s Future.


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Hands Free BoomerTech And Episode 1704

Last night while driving home Brenda and I were driving home from Sacramento and listening to Leo Laporte’s “Tech Guy” show on my iPad.  He mentioned about being to listen to his podcast on Amazon’s Echo.  Sometime back someone…we don’t know who…put our show on Tune-In Radio.  Well, got home, walked in the house and said in my best Captain Picard tone:  “Computer, play boomer tech radio on tune in”  I should add that as soon as the word got out that you could totally Star Trek your Echo I did.  Have to admit to just a tiny bit of an ego-bump at being able to call up the show without clicking a dozen links.

Speaking of which, here’s the latest:

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Episode 17-03 January 20 2017

This broadcast was recorded late at night at the KCNR studios after we got back from Sacramento.  It’s either the worst ever, or one of the best.  You decide….



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Episode 1702 Podcast

Our first podcast recorded in our home studio features commentary from the Belongie Family Pets, the effects of not enough sleep, and several excellent interviews from our Las Vegas CES show wanderings. We’ll hear from people who want to help you get to sleep, and keep your gadgets awake, and getting new products in the pipeline. Enjoy!

Episode 1702

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Episode 17-01 BoomerTech Radio Broadcast January 7, 2017

Our first show of the year, and our first of our regularly posted and soon to be Podcast episodes LIVE from the Broadcast Tower in the North Hall of CES.  Interviews include Jim  Barry, spokesman for the Consumer Technology Association, and Starr Ackerman, with IK Multimedia.  We also give an overview of the show and comment on how far things have come in the 50 years of the show.

Download the show:





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The Fat Lady Sings

For all intents and purposes, CES2017 is history.  Most of the media is headed home, the exhausted exhibitors are meeting with a few more people, some last minute deals are being inked.  Brenda and I had a very fun show live from the CES floor that I’ll post here in the next few days, and I’m getting ready to work on the launch of our official Podcast of BoomerTech Radio.  It’s been quite a week and we are more than ready to head home.  To all the folks we met, a huge thanks and see you next time.


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Kickstarter isn’t just for obscure things.

We have been shopping video stabilizers to improve the quality of the stuff that we shoot, and CES has been a great show case to see them in action.   Many of the media here are using smartphones along with products like the DJI Osmo Mobile which sells for about 400 bucks, but can be found discounted through various outlets.  We wanted to see what the folks from Tiffin, makers of the Steadicam line of products, had to offer.  Steadicam has become synonymous with those silky smooth walk-along shots in just about every Hollywood movie for the past 20 years, but the rigs were shockingly expensive and took a lot of training to operate correct.  Interestingly enough, the last time we were here, Brenda wore a $5000.00 rig and took to using it like a natural.

While we were checking out the products from Steadicam, we were told of a new product, the Steadicam Volt, which is being offered to the public via a Kickstarter campaign.

Now, normally I’d be very shy about investing in a product that has yet to begin actual production, but after a lot of consideration, we decided to go for it.  The Volt is expected to retail for about $200, but early backers can get one, if they are willing to wait until June, for $119.  Even better?  How about TWO Volts for $249+$20 shipping? OK, we’ll give it a go.  There are only a limited number of these offers available and there is a small risk that production might be delayed, but we are told we won’t be charged until the item actually ships.  The campaign will end in 54 days as of this writing and you can find out more here.

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CES2017 Friday Morning

No post yesterday because by the time we got back to the Vacation Rental we were pretty well needing downtime.  The evening was also punctuated by sirens and a helicopter buzzing overhead.  Life in a big city.  Not my thing.  Today we have a full slate of stops as well at “Tech East” the Las Vegas Convention Center where most of the major players will be showing off their goodies.  This place is huge,  Really huge.  It’s just not humanly possible to see everything one wants to see.  We will present the things we did see and thought worth passing along during Saturday’s BoomerTech Radio broadcast from the LVCC Broadcast Tower.

Security has been very noticeable at this year’s event, bag checks for most, although media tends to be passed through because electronic journalists pack around scary looking things with wires in their bags as part of their job, and the organizers are probably being careful not to stress people out more than they already are due to the huge crowds and absolute chaos.  To their credit, the Association is doing a very good job of making sure that media professionals are being well taken care of.

Time to get ready to face the hordes again.

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