CES2017 Friday Morning

No post yesterday because by the time we got back to the Vacation Rental we were pretty well needing downtime.  The evening was also punctuated by sirens and a helicopter buzzing overhead.  Life in a big city.  Not my thing.  Today we have a full slate of stops as well at “Tech East” the Las Vegas Convention Center where most of the major players will be showing off their goodies.  This place is huge,  Really huge.  It’s just not humanly possible to see everything one wants to see.  We will present the things we did see and thought worth passing along during Saturday’s BoomerTech Radio broadcast from the LVCC Broadcast Tower.

Security has been very noticeable at this year’s event, bag checks for most, although media tends to be passed through because electronic journalists pack around scary looking things with wires in their bags as part of their job, and the organizers are probably being careful not to stress people out more than they already are due to the huge crowds and absolute chaos.  To their credit, the Association is doing a very good job of making sure that media professionals are being well taken care of.

Time to get ready to face the hordes again.

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