Kickstarter isn’t just for obscure things.

We have been shopping video stabilizers to improve the quality of the stuff that we shoot, and CES has been a great show case to see them in action.   Many of the media here are using smartphones along with products like the DJI Osmo Mobile which sells for about 400 bucks, but can be found discounted through various outlets.  We wanted to see what the folks from Tiffin, makers of the Steadicam line of products, had to offer.  Steadicam has become synonymous with those silky smooth walk-along shots in just about every Hollywood movie for the past 20 years, but the rigs were shockingly expensive and took a lot of training to operate correct.  Interestingly enough, the last time we were here, Brenda wore a $5000.00 rig and took to using it like a natural.

While we were checking out the products from Steadicam, we were told of a new product, the Steadicam Volt, which is being offered to the public via a Kickstarter campaign.

Now, normally I’d be very shy about investing in a product that has yet to begin actual production, but after a lot of consideration, we decided to go for it.  The Volt is expected to retail for about $200, but early backers can get one, if they are willing to wait until June, for $119.  Even better?  How about TWO Volts for $249+$20 shipping? OK, we’ll give it a go.  There are only a limited number of these offers available and there is a small risk that production might be delayed, but we are told we won’t be charged until the item actually ships.  The campaign will end in 54 days as of this writing and you can find out more here.

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