February 4, 2017

Topics: Hour One: Record 16 Million Americans Hit by ID Theft, how to protect yourself.  Warning signs that your account with the IRS is being scammed.  What to do when you discover a fraud crime against you. College Student Employment Scam.  New GOES Satellite improves our weather forecasting ability.  Connections to get video from HDMI or DisplayPort to an old VGA projector/monitor.

Hour Two:  Augmented and Virtual Reality.  Snapchat Glasses overlaying advertisements on your world as you walk around.  Facebook slapped with $500M Judgment.  GoPro Karma Crunch.  An orangutan looks for a potential mate…using Tinder.   A device that reads brain activity allows totally paralyzed persons communicate.   Brain-Hacking to steal your innermost thoughts.  Thoughts on MacbookPro  Vs Surface.  Facing Facebook’s Future.


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