CES 2017 Episode

Brenda and I are members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, an all-volunteer civilian organization that supports the Active Duty Coast Guard in non-military, non-law-enforcement missions, including Boating Safety, Public Education, America’s Waterway Watch and many other areas of support including food service and standing radio watches that allows the Coast Guard to focus more personnel on their core missions.  Members of the Auxiliary also conduct Safety Patrol operations on navigable waters where it’s impractical to have a Coast Guard presence, serving as eyes and ears as well as public outreach to promote safer boating and conduct Search and Rescue when requested.  Members must train and demonstrate proficiency in small boat operations to the standards of the Coast Guard.  This week, BoomertechRadio will be on hiatus while we undergo that training and qualification exercise on the waters of Shasta Lake in Northern California.  So instead of a fresh episode this week, we offer up our broadcast from the 2017 CES, featuring Starr Ackerman from IK Multimedia and a spokesperson from the Consumer Technology Association.  Enjoy and we will be back with a new fresh episode next week.

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