A welcome to new listeners on Stitcher.

It’s been rather busy with some Family matters and our involvement with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, but I wanted to give a shoutout and welcome to those who have just found this program via Stitcher, as well as Google Play, TuneIn, and of course iTunes or Apple Podcast, whichever they are calling themselves.  Glad to have you along, this is a different sort of tech show, we try not to get lost in geek-speak, jargon or inside jokes that make us feel oh-so-clever.  We also are broadcast friendly, since this program has been on the air on KCNR-AM in Redding, CA for the past seven years, so you can listen with the kids in the room if you’ve ever cringed at some of the verbiage being tossed out on some other shows.  We are just getting started on this path, welcome along for the trip, lots to see on the way.


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