August 5, 2017 Podcast

This week:

Segment One: Hot in Redding!; The Crowd Funded Internet Connected Salt Shaker–because WE CAN DO IT!; IoT Silliness and Dangers to children from Connected Toys; Microchipping our way to Borgdom; Fitbits actually REDUCE the inclination to exercise?   Techy Tenticals!; Hyperloop vs California’s “High Speed Rail” (that isn’t, really).

Segment Two: The Great Eclipse draws nigh, full interactive google map of the Path Of Totality. HERE:

Advice for eclipse viewing and local star parties; Light pollution and Dark Sky Project; Chinese Chatbots go rogue and are shut down by the Communist government; DARPA Grand Challenge led the way to self driving cars.  Ethical issues for autonomous vehicles Differences between assisted driving and true self-directing cars;  Windows 10 Eye Tracking; Anime explodes in popularity and comes to Sony’s PS4.

Segment Three: Streaming music services that are dead or dying; Alan tries to once again explain Bitcoin to Bob; AI Based customer service/marketing systems; Automated Help Desks. Steve The Swimming Security Robot Update;

Segment Four: Music Credit to George Wood; Tape Drive that holds 330 TERABYTES; Murder via Text Message sentence; Once More, Robots will not put everyone out of work; New Daydream VR for Galaxy S8; Investment advisor reveals three companies they feel will really change the world; Legislation to address IoT device security for government customers.  Social Media Trigger words; Hackable medical devices.  Hollywood tech disasters;  Toyota teases with super-battery.

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