August 5, 2017 Podcast

This week:

Segment One: Hot in Redding!; The Crowd Funded Internet Connected Salt Shaker–because WE CAN DO IT!; IoT Silliness and Dangers to children from Connected Toys; Microchipping our way to Borgdom; Fitbits actually REDUCE the inclination to exercise?   Techy Tenticals!; Hyperloop vs California’s “High Speed Rail” (that isn’t, really).

Segment Two: The Great Eclipse draws nigh, full interactive google map of the Path Of Totality. HERE:

Advice for eclipse viewing and local star parties; Light pollution and Dark Sky Project; Chinese Chatbots go rogue and are shut down by the Communist government; DARPA Grand Challenge led the way to self driving cars.  Ethical issues for autonomous vehicles Differences between assisted driving and true self-directing cars;  Windows 10 Eye Tracking; Anime explodes in popularity and comes to Sony’s PS4.

Segment Three: Streaming music services that are dead or dying; Alan tries to once again explain Bitcoin to Bob; AI Based customer service/marketing systems; Automated Help Desks. Steve The Swimming Security Robot Update;

Segment Four: Music Credit to George Wood; Tape Drive that holds 330 TERABYTES; Murder via Text Message sentence; Once More, Robots will not put everyone out of work; New Daydream VR for Galaxy S8; Investment advisor reveals three companies they feel will really change the world; Legislation to address IoT device security for government customers.  Social Media Trigger words; Hackable medical devices.  Hollywood tech disasters;  Toyota teases with super-battery.

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July 29, 2017 Podcast

This week:  More of the tech news you can use with Bob, Brenda and Alan.  Topics include HDMI explained; Solar Storms; Scams to be aware of; Social Media Madness; Robotics; AI; Goodies Gadgets Gizmos!

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July 22, 2017 BoomerTechRadio

Hey we got the band back together!  Alan Belongie rejoins us in the KCNR studio as we consider cryptocurrency wild fluctuation and why that might mean you can’t get a new graphics card for your PC.  The Drowned Robot…Assisted Suicide?  Robots are NOT going to kill us all, Mister Musk, nor take all our jobs.  Apple Security Update. iphone smuggle FAIL.  Social Media Bullying…just turn the damn thing OFF!  Top laptops for battery life.  Ethical Hackers.  People suck at spotting photoshop fakes.  The Tech News You Can Really Use!


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Middle of July! Oh My My!

The show rolls on as do the weeks of 2017.  Hard to believe we’re past the half-way point of the year.

This time Brenda and I are back in the KCNR main studio with stories covering:   Microsoft Seeing AI; Cryptocurrency crashing; Personal Computer sales crashing; Electric vehicles not crashing; India now has the most Facebook users; Cheaper VR Headsets?; Soundcloud evaporating before our very ears; A 3d printed artificial soft heart; Musk’s X-Factor; Razor’s THX powerhouse portable; Why Windows Phone was Doomed; Free and Discounted Android Apps; Netflix grows; Sony TV’s making a consumer demand comeback; Google Earth discovers a big neighbor feud; Augmented Reality for Army Troops; Facebook wants to read your thoughts!

The Tech News You Can Really Use!

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BoomerTechRadio Podcast for July 8, 2017

It’s been quite crazy!  Several trips to hospitals (none of them for our health reasons) Vehicles breaking down, impending video project deadlines and HOT here in Far Nor Cal.  But we did find the time to sit down and do a new podcast/broadcast.

This week:  Inside an Uber ride.  Medical Tech, more than WE wanted to know, , The cure for Headphone Hair…sorta, Monochrome Mode on your smart phone so you don’t stay up all night. Holographic phone?, Soundcloud cutbacks; Amazon Prime Day; LIDAR; Facebook Group Video Chatting.


Tech News You Can Use!



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BoomerTechRadio June 24 2017

Brenda is away from the mic for the first half of the show.  We just figured it out!  If you find another Husband-Wife/Father-Son TECH podcast out there let us know, because, you know, you gotta have something that makes your show unique after all.  This week, why Podcasts are taking off after languishing for a time (including this show)

How a one second crash in the cryptocurrency Etherium lost investors thousands of dollars; Blockchain the company raises $40M; Great Price on a Logitech Universal Remote; Hand-wringing over the idea that humanoid robots might make us treat real humans worse (hint:  we have never needed robots to treat each other inhumanly); Google Glass Lives!  Choose Your Own Adventure, Netflix Style; Taking the glass out of lenses; WannaCry hampers Honda; Body Image Social Media Pressure “Pimp My Face” ???; Gigantic flexible OLED screens; Walmart Vs Amazon in the Cloud Wars.  Tech News and Commentary you can USE!

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BoomerTechRadio June 17, 2017

Welcome to BoomerTech!  We welcome listeners who may have just found our program and explain a bit about where we’re coming from.  This week:  Burger Bots; VR being used to reduce pain at the Dentist; The History of the GIF and how DO you pronounce it?; Video watching on your phones; Netflix hidden download limits; Optimize your Windows Display; Ms Pac Man; much more.  Tech News You Can Use.  Subscribe to our Flipboard magazine.

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June 10, 2017 BoomerTechRadio Podcast

Brenda is back as we record the show in a borrowed office due to schedule conflicts.

Amazon Prime for the low income market; The war between Amazon and Wal-Mart heats up to capture market share;  Exabytes of video content!; The Bixby AI Speaker…Samsung, don’t humiliate yourself again, OK?; Sci-Fi as entertainment and prophecy; Elon Musk’s AI prophesy; Apple tries to regain relevance in the workplace with new offerings…if you are a fan; Why I love the Kindle Fire; Net Neutrality:  I just want my damn Netflix to work right!  Lots and lots of “Goodies, Gadgets & Gizmos!”

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June 3, 2017 Podcast

It’s just Bob and Alan this week since Brenda is off on an assignment.  Topics include Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist Common Sense, Fraud Alerts, Remote Hugs, IoT shoes, little tiny parachutes, skype makeover, waiting for WWDC and much more.

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Digisole connected shoes.

One of the interesting aspects to what I do are the press releases from companies hoping to get mentioned even in the smallest of outlets such as this one.  Many times at CES I’ve seen products being promoted that beg the questions “What were you thinking about?”  And so it is with this latest offering.  Now far be it from me to mock what might be an actual viable market segment, but I need to wonder just what is the NEED that consumers might have for a pair of IoT connected shoes.

Digisole,  which is being funded, like so many hopeful products wanting to be the Next Big Thing, via Kickstarter, offers a number of “benefits” that they hope you will wonder how you ever did without.  Among those are built in heaters, counting your steps and posture, and self-tightening laces no doubt inspired by Marty McFly’s Nikes.

I must admit, the very first thing that came into my mind, having reported on exploding hoverboards and melting phones, is the wisdom of putting Li-Ion batteries under one’s very feet which might give the term “hotfoot” a whole new meaning.  Call me a luddite, but bluetooth connected shoes stretch the concept of must-have products.



  • Design: Inspired by a sports car.
  • Maximum Heat Level: 113°F (45°C)
  • Heat regulation: Thermostat
  • Temperature output: Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Distance output: Miles or meters
  • Available Sizes: EUR 36 to 47
  • Battery output: Hi-Cap rechargeable
  • Battery life (Lithium Ion): More than 500 Cycles
  • Charging system: Double micro-USB cable
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0 and above; Android 5.0 and above
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0


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