CES 2017 Episode

Brenda and I are members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, an all-volunteer civilian organization that supports the Active Duty Coast Guard in non-military, non-law-enforcement missions, including Boating Safety, Public Education, America’s Waterway Watch and many other areas of support including food service and standing radio watches that allows the Coast Guard to focus more personnel on their core missions.  Members of the Auxiliary also conduct Safety Patrol operations on navigable waters where it’s impractical to have a Coast Guard presence, serving as eyes and ears as well as public outreach to promote safer boating and conduct Search and Rescue when requested.  Members must train and demonstrate proficiency in small boat operations to the standards of the Coast Guard.  This week, BoomertechRadio will be on hiatus while we undergo that training and qualification exercise on the waters of Shasta Lake in Northern California.  So instead of a fresh episode this week, we offer up our broadcast from the 2017 CES, featuring Starr Ackerman from IK Multimedia and a spokesperson from the Consumer Technology Association.  Enjoy and we will be back with a new fresh episode next week.

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BoomerTechRadio, April 22 Episode

Got around to posting this one on time.  Alan is back!  Brenda beats up Facebook Messenger Phishing Chatbot while you listen!  We beat up on Facebook in general!   Zuckerberg apologizes to the family of the Facebook Live murder victim. People who use tech — or any tool — to do evil things.  Scams and Schemes to watch for. Verizon tries to stop the bleeding. iOS and MacOS fans get a little love from Apple.  Apple wants to go greener. Bose Headphones allegedly spying on users.  Plugging stuff into the OBD port on your car is a Bad Idea. 3D printing glass. Google tracking.  GoPro. Things that robots can do better and why we should let them.  The Tech News You Can Use!

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A first step!

OK. In the great scheme of things, it’s pretty small, but it’s a noted milestone.  The BoomerTechRadio Podcast has hit 50 downloads.  Every show has to get started on the path.  Tell a friend!  By the way we record a fresh episode today at 6PM Pacific Time.


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April 15 already?

No Alan this week, he was not feeling well.  This week: The great Burger King Google Disaster; The Death of Windows Vista; NES Classic discontinued; Sound Bars under $200; Bixby on the Galaxy S8–Sorry we don’t need another Assistant, Samsung; Home Assistance Robotics; New DJI Phantom Drone; Uber Goes To Hell; Macbooks popping; Facebook Illegal Content; Repurposing a old iPhone; XP Lives! Tech News You Can Use.


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Busy week

Last several days, some family issues have kept me away from my desk and updating.  Fear not, topics are being picked for this weekend’s recording.  Typically we record the program/podcast Thursday nights at 6PM Pacific time at KCNR-AM and we plan on making that a regular event with an eventual live streaming of the recording so that we can take calls and do Skype with our growing list of listeners.  As always looking for your feedback in our comments here or you can email boomertechradio@gmail.com


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BoomerTechRadio April 8, 2017

Alan and I talk games, consoles and PCs while Brenda’s eyes glaze. Why we both like the Steam platform.    BitTorrents explained.  Nexia home security cameras.  Roomba vs puppy.  Why Apple is shooting itself in the foot. Lots of Tech News You Can Use!

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iPad Pro, not for everyone but perfect for a few.

I came across this article this morning on SlashGear and had to share it.  I’m NOT an artistic sort at all, but the iPP has become my portable device of choice every day at the radio station.  At home it sits on an easel in portrait mode with an Apple mini keyboard so that I can work on documents like scripts while my PC screens are tied up with other tasks. It’s also great for reading my magazines on Texture and feeding my comics habit with Comixology without having to squint at a tiny screen.  I do have an apple pencil that I can annotate PDF files and may dabble a bit more into some drawing illustrations with this powerful tool.



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Help us make the list!

iTunes has a list of recently added podcasts called “New and Noteworthy” that give a huge boost to the shows.  I’m hoping that you’ll tell your friends and get them to download the episode below just to check us out and MAYBE we will make the list.  Thanks!


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No April Fools Here!

This week BoomerTechRadio welcomes the addition of my son Alan to the discussion, he will be bringing his take on games, hardware, social media (and why it’s no big deal to him) and great information about the terms we hear all the time but aren’t quite sure what they mean.  We also talk about battery life problems in iOS, file formats for audio and what they mean, robots and jobs, how the Internet is making us a bunch of anti-social meanies, the new Galaxy S8 phone (drool) and so much more of the Tech News You Can Use!


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I discovered that I’ve been leaving out a step during the podcast creation process, and because of that, episodes were not being updated properly on iTunes.  I think we’re OK now, the episodes should update in the next day or so.


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