What’s this site about and why are we doing it?

Excellent Question!   Let me put it this way.  I was born in pretty much the same time frame as Rock N Roll and the Transistor.  I’m right in the middle of the so-called Baby Boomer Generation.  When I was five years old, the first Americans orbited the Earth.  I was in eighth grade when Armstrong stepped on the Moon. (and before you start, don’t bother trying to convince me THAT didn’t happen, your senseless blather will fall on deaf ears and I’d rather you’d just go away, OK?)  Phones  and radios had dials, not digits.  A computer was something that a guy at the University fed punch cards to and waited for the results to show up a few days later on a Teletype machine. A good TV picture often involved being handy with aluminium foil.  But I’ve always been fascinated with gadgets.  I’ve been a radio DJ, a radio news reporter, a writer, an installer of audio/video systems and several other things in my life.  I’m a Ham Radio operator and I love old boats.  BoomerTech is a way for me to take all that experience and share what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn with the world at large.  The BoomerTech Radio and Blog is a conduit for people like myself to continue to learn about a fast-changing world filled with information overload.  Consider this a starting point to continue your own explorations as you see fit.  I post news articles and observations here because they interest me and I think they may be of interest to others.

-Bob Belongie

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